Regional Health Improvement Plan (RHIP)

CPAA’s RHIP goals are to improve health equity and health outcomes for all residents in our communities, with a focus on addressing the social determinants of health; to keep residents healthy as long as possible and address all health needs with a focus on prevention and early interventions; and to reduce per-capita health care costs while improving the quality of care provided to residents in our communities.

RHIP Compass

Shared Regional Health Priorities

These are our priority areas to achieve goals including specific activities, programs, policies, and system change strategies to bring about change.

Improve Healthcare Access

Improve Care Coordination & Integration

Prevent & Manage Chronic Disease

Prevent & Mitigate Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)

Enhance Economic & Educational Opportunities

Medicaid Transformation Supports

These are our priority areas for health and community systems capacity building.

Financial Sustainability through Value Based Payment

Workforce Development

Systems for Population Health Management

Regional Health Improvement Plan Supports

These are our infrastructure and supports for building toward sustainability and learning and acting collectively.

Infrastructure & Partnership Development

Data Capacity


Shared Learning Infrastructure

Save, Re-Invest, & Sustain

Other Resources


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