Our Purpose

Cascade Pacific Action Alliance (CPAA)

The purpose of the Cascade Pacific Action Alliance (CPAA) is to improve community health and safety while advancing the Triple Aim: improving the patient experience of care, including quality and satisfaction; improving the health of populations; and reducing per capita health care costs.



The CPAA operates in a seven county region of Central Western Washington, which includes Cowlitz, Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason, Pacific, Thurston, and Wahkiakum counties.

Our Function

This function is met by identifying, advocating for, and helping implement shared regional priorities; proactively participating in the design and testing of Washington State’s Healthier Washington initiative, supporting local community forums where agencies and organizations within a county that contribute to safety and well-being come together to pursue system improvements; convening a Council of local forums, regional, and state partners.

Our Approach

Collaborate across sectors and systems to improve safety and well-being;

Engage on the State’s Health Care Innovation Plan to:

  • Help design and test its key components; and
  • Position the region for funding from the state and/or federal government.

Pursue health improvements broadly, including clinical and social determinants of health;

Focus initially on priorities where local passion and consensus exists; address more challenging and complex change later; and

Collect, aggregate and analyze data on a county and regional level to inform choice and guide action.