The Cascade Pacific Action Alliance aims to reach consensus on key decisions. Consensus in this context does not necessarily mean 100% agreement on all parts of every issue, but rather that all members review a decision in its entirety and can say “I can live with that.” While decisions are not binding on individual members, members are encouraged to adopt collective positions, recommendations or other decisions for joint action where possible.

Operating Agreement

Operating Principles


Keep an open door.
Promote cross sector participation throughout the region.


All participants have equal standing regardless of organizational size, resources, etc.


Decisions are made by consensus.
Work an issue until everyone can support it.

Shared Learning

Focus on exploring and sharing opportunities for innovation.

Lead Organization

CHOICE Regional Health Network, a 501 (c)3 nonprofit, is the Lead Organization for the Cascade Pacific Action Alliance. CHOICE has nearly two decades of experience leading successful health improvement initiatives in the region. CHOICE’s role as Lead Organization is to manage the project against timelines, engage stakeholders, support local forums, establish shared measurement tools, and aggregate local action plans to develop a Community Health Plan for action implementation in our region.