Integrated Managed Care (IMC) Provider Readiness

There are two regional service areas and corresponding Behavioral Health Organizations (BHOs) in the CPAA region transitioning to integrated managed care (IMC) in 2020: Great Rivers BHO and Thurston-Mason BHO.

To help facilitate the transition to IMC, CPAA is supporting partners by providing TA, billing systems support, IT readiness, MCO credentialing, EHR upgrades, and MCO contracting, engagement, and negotiation training.

This page, still under construction, is a method of organizing and sharing the communications and tools necessary to support providers transitioning to IMC. If you have questions about IMC Provider Readiness or suggestions for additional page content, please contact Kennedy Chesoli at

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Documents & Resources

IMC Provider PPT – Interpreter Services

Interpreter Services – Sign Language

IMC Question Tracker – updated June 2020

Molina access to free phones – updated April 2020

Amerigroup Brochures – English and Spanish versions – updated April 2020

United Health Care access to free phones through LifeLine – updated April 2020

HCA Interpreter Services for Telehealth – updated April 2020

Molina’s Coordination of Benefits (COB) Quick Reference Guideupdated March 2020

New United Healthcare Prior Authorization Formsupdated March 2020

Justice Release Fax, BH Prior Authorization

IMC Inpatient FAQupdated February 2020

IMC Behavioral Health Billing for Dual Eligible Clientsupdated February 2020

Justice Release Program Inquiryupdated February 2020

APA Health and Behavior Crosswalkupdated January 2020

Community Behavioral Health Reporting & Data Standardization FAQupdated January 2020

HCA Contact List – updated January 2020

Apple Health-Covered Drug Screen/Urinalysis Testing – updated June 2019

MCO and BH ASO Contact Informationupdated January 2020

Corrected HCA Interim SERI Guidanceupdated January 23, 2020

HCA Guidance SERIupdated July 2019

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation for Incarcerated Clients and HCA Guidance and NEMT – updated January 2020

MCO Contact Listupdated January 2020

Behavioral Health Prior Authorization Gridupdated January 2020

Molina: IMC Lessons Learned – updated December 2019

Great Rivers Behavioral Health Provider Services Reference Guide – updated December 2019

Thurston-Mason Behavioral Health Provider Services Reference Guide – updated December 2019

Claims Encounter Process – updated December 2019

Wise Wraparound Intensive Services Manual Part One, Part Two, and Part Three – updated December 2019

IMC Provider Symposium Presentation: Clinical Part One, Part Two, and Part Three – updated October 2019

IMC Provider Symposium Presentation: Operations Part One and Part Two – updated October 2019

HCA Interpreter Services Programupdated October 2019

WIse Notification formupdated October 2019

WIse Notification Gridupdated October 2019

HCA’s Interpreter Services webpage

BH Supplemental Transaction Data Guideupdated August 2019

Data Guide Change Summaryupdated August 2019

HCA Contractor and Provider Resources

Guide to IMC Provider Claims and Encounters Testingupdated September 2019

Claims & Encounters Submission Considerations – updated September 2019

HCA VBP Online Toolkit

IMC Question Tracker – updated October 2019

HCA Contact List – updated July 2019

IMC Email Resources – updated July 2019

NPI IMC Fact Sheet – updated March 2019

Combined MCO PA Summary – updated July 2019

IMC Implementation Timeline