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Youth Marijuana Prevention and Education – Blog Post

COVID19 has been hard on everyone, especially youth. We have seen an increased need in our communities to create peer to peer connections for support, companionship, and information so youth have every opportunity for success.

The Youth Marijuana Education and Prevention Program is examining ways to shift our policies/systems/environment focus toward interventions that are youth-led and support building of communities. As we have examined the impacts of COVID on how youth are staying connected, we have seen disparities in rural youth’s access to resources, and heard of decreases in supportive community ties often found through school.

The new work plan is aiming to develop opportunities for engagement, peer-to-peer information sharing, and training to further youth and their parent’s understanding of the impacts that using marijuana and other substances can have on their futures. Our hope is for much of this work to be informed by youth, so that we create a system that works for them!

For more information on the Youth Marijuana Prevention and Education Program, please contact Caitlin Moore.