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Cowlitz County Local Forum Request for Proposals

Cascade Pacific Action Alliance (CPAA) opens a Request for Proposals (RFP) on Thursday, April 1st,
2021. This RFP is to identify an organization interested in continuing the work of the CPAA’s Local Forum
previously ran by Pathways 2020 in Cowlitz County. The mission of this forum is to collaborate with cross
sector organizations and community members to address the health priorities previously identified by
Pathways 2020 in 2019-2020. These priorities have been captured in the 2020 CPAA Modified Regional
Health Improvement Plan (MRHIP) and County Health Priorities document. CPAA has budgeted
$10,420.00 annually per Local Forum (one per county) to host monthly Local forum meetings, host and
present at one virtual CPAA Council meeting annually. The focus in 2021 is to encourage collaborative
efforts to address the previously identified health priorities captured in the CPAA 2020 MRHIP and
County Health Priorities document for Cowlitz county.

Deadline for RFP submission is April 20th, 2021. For full RFP, click here.