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Community Outreach and Tribal Liaison Amber Shirk and her family live in an apartment, but even without a yard, they are growing a beautiful garden during COVID-19.

“We started with a window box,” Amber says. “Now there are plants growing in closet green houses, outdoor green houses, the window sills, and the whole back porch. It’s pretty, and it twinkles at night because there are lanterns and baskets hanging above that are not shown in the picture.”
Gardening is gaining in popularity as a hobby as people are at home and want to be more self-sufficient. Akin to “victory gardens” during World War II, COVID-19 gardens are popping up on windowsills and in backyards.
“So far we have: jalapeños, red peppers, beets, spinach, snow peas, basil, oregano, cilantro, three different types of mint, 2 kinds of lavender, 3 types of tomatoes, 2 kinds of strawberries, summer squash, radishes, bell peppers, and a broccoli and cauliflower mix,” Amber reports.
“It’s kind of neat to watch it all grow and become food.”