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Hi everyone! Furry Friend Milo here giving an update on life during COVID-19.

Currently, my days are a series of Zoom meetings with my mom and snack breaks. I am so exhausted by the end of the day. Over the past few weeks, mentions of “Zoom Fatigue” have been a topic in my house. It seems silly because I love people telling me I am such a good coworker and complimenting my fluffy quarantine fur on camera, but taking in so much information via video is hard, especially when meetings are back-to-back. I am not used to having 15+ faces staring at me at once!

Have no fear, I have some tips and tricks to combat Zoom Fatigue.

Limit screen time in the evenings. After video calls all day, I need a break to sit outside and look at the grass.

We are taking longer walks if possible. Especially on the weekends! Don’t forget, maintain a safe social distance from others of at least 6-feet.

Invest in some blue-light blocking glasses. We are staring at the computer screen much more than usual. I love to steal this pair from my mom. She got them off Amazon.

If you have a scheduled Zoom call with friends, center your video calls around an activity. If you and your friends are cooking together virtually or watching a movie as a group, there’s less pressure to be focused on a conversation.

Remember to be patient with yourself during this time. We are all learning what it means to navigate COVID-19 life.

That is all for now! I think it is time for another snack break. -Milo-