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Hi, friends! CHOICE Furry Friend Walter, here.
Guess what? Every morning I get up and am surprised that my mom and dad are staying home! Again!
It’s been fun to have them be home every day, but it’s exhausting, too! I’m used to napping all day while they’re gone, and they’re never gone anymore.
For some reason, they tell me that we can’t go to the dog park or hang out with any of our friends. And when we go for walks around the neighborhood, we have to stay far away from any of our neighbors.
But even though we stay away, we make sure to ask our neighbors how they are doing because they live alone.
I can’t wait to go hang out with my friends at the park, but for now I am happy cuddling up with my mom on the couch, especially when she’s having video conferences and everyone tells me what a good dog I am.

This is all so weird and sometimes confusing and sometimes tiring, but we have to stay strong and be positive. And that is something I am very good at: being positive!