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Please click this link to view the Q4 Reporting Webinar recording

CPAA uses your completed Quarterly Report to monitor MTP goals and activities, address challenges, and to fulfill ACH-level reporting requirements and earn Transformation dollars for the region.

Submit your final documents in the format that they were sent. Please do not alter rows or columns. Please submit your completed Milestone and Metric Report as an Excel file using the naming convention MR2019Q4_organization name. Please submit your completed Narrative Report as a Word document using the naming convention NR2019Q4_organization name.

Your organization’s Medicaid Transformation Project (MTP) Quarter 4 Report is composed of three parts:

  1. Milestone Report: has been prepopulated with your organization’s approved Change Plan milestones. For this reporting period, you will report on milestones with due dates between October 1, 2019 –December 31, 2019(DY3 Q4).
  2. Narrative Report: provides additional context and information about your organization’s MTP activities during the DY3 Q4 reporting period. Please make sure to answer all of the questions.
  3. Metric Report: has been prepopulated with your organization’s approved Change Plan metrics. Metric reporting will be included in Q2 and Q4 reports each year.

All Quarter 4 reporting must be completed and returned to by 01/31/2020. All three reports must be completed in order to fulfill CPAA’s reporting requirements. Receipt of completed reporting will trigger quarterly payment, which will be processed within 30 days, based on availability of the Financial Executor Portal.

If you have any questions or concerns about quarterly reporting, please submit them to Someone will respond within 3 business days.