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The Medicaid Transformation Project aims to improve the health system by addressing local health priorities, improving population health, and reducing the per capita cost of health care. One key area of improvement is transitioning away from volume-based payment models to advanced value-based payment (VBP) arrangements. The Health Care Authority (HCA) is leading a statewide effort to achieve the goal of 90% value-based payment contracting by 2021.

CPAA is beginning an awareness campaign to share resources, educational materials, and VBP tools with partner organizations to support regional VBP goals. Below are links to several one-pagers sourced from HCA’s Value-Based Roadmap 2018-2021 & Beyond (click here to view entire document) which provide a brief description, desired outcome, and challenges as they relate to various VBP initiatives.

  • HCA Catalog of VBP Resources: a compilation of resources developed by the Health Care Authority including links to roadmaps, manuals, assessments, and best practices. Updated February 2020 
  • HCP LAN Roadmap: the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network developed this roadmap to, “offer stakeholders promising practices used in alternative payment models (APMs) that have achieved success improving quality and lowering costs.” Updated February 2020
  • AMA Value-Based Care Module: a training manual that details the necessary steps to prepare practices for value-based care. Updated February 2020

State Innovation Models Grant
Healthier Washington Medicaid Transformation
Integrated Managed Care
Managed Care Organization Premium Withhold
Performance Measures
Rural Multi-Payer Model
Accountable Communities of Health
Value-Based Payment Practice Transformation Academy
Alternative Payment Methodology 4
Payment Model 4: Multi-Payer Data Aggregation Pilot
Prescription Drug Program

  • Value-Based Payment for Pediatric Providers. This document, sponsored by P-TCPI, is designed to provide more information on the transition to Value-Based Care for pediatric behavioral health and primary care providers.
  • Value-Based Payment Practice Transformation Planning Guide. This document was designed by QUALIS Health to assist your organization in pacing the needed changes, gaining buy-in, and building needed infrastructure in order to promote a systematic approach toward transformation. While this document was designed with behavioral health in mind, it can be adaptive to clinical organizations. The Planning Guide aims to support your organization in: 1) Mobilizing personnel needed to guide and support practice transformation; 2) Identifying key performance measures, establishing baselines, and collecting data to track progress over time; and 3) Creating a work plan to set aims, benchmark progress, sustain change, and demonstrate value to payers.
  • Defining a Strategy for Value-Based Contracting. This document, sponsored by QUALIS Health, is a workbook designed to assist behavioral health agencies in becoming familiar with elements of VBP and provide tools to help with those transformation efforts. The workbook was structured with the assumption that the leadership team will utilize the Value-Based Payment Practice Transformation Planning Guide (see link above) to build their conceptual roadmap while relying on this workbook to help with the concrete aspects of planning and implementation.Please review and share these documents as applicable for your organization.

CPAA will continue to regularly share VBP resources, news, and updates from across the state. Please feel free to contact Kyle Roesler with any questions: Thank you.