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CPAA released a Request for Proposals (RFP) on Tuesday, November 27, 2018, to identify local forums. The mission of these forums is to identify local health priorities, adopt shared regional priorities, particularly those in the CPAA Regional Health Improvement Plan (RHIP), that align with the local action agenda, align activities between stakeholders, and implement local action.

CPAA will select and award 7 applicants for the 2019 calendar year. Additional funding may be made available in years 2020-2021 to the selected local forums. CPAA has budgeted $25,198 annually per local forum (one per county) to host regular local forum meetings in 2019 to bring together diverse sectors and identify local health improvement strategies.

Click here to access the Local Forum RFP.

Please complete the RFP by January 11, 2019.

You can view an offline version of the RFP by clicking here. If you would like a Word version, please email Megan Moore:

RFP Eligibility: CPAA is identifying one local forum per county: Cowlitz, Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason, Pacific, Thurston, and Wahkiakum. The RFP is open to any coalition that directly impacts the residents in the county in which they are applying.

RFP Application Form Instructions: When using the RFP application form, your answers will be saved when you advance to the next page. You can save your form and return to it later; however, to do so, you must first create an account by following the link on the first page. CPAA strongly encourages all applicants to create an account. Please note: If you close your browser before saving or before moving to another page, your input will be lost. If you choose to not create an account, you cannot return to your answers later. Please feel free to include supporting documents as attachments at the end of the RFP.

• RFP Open Date: November 27, 2018
• RFP Webinar: December 14, 2018
• RFP Closes: January 11, 2019
• Successful Bidders Announced: January 25, 2019

RFP Questions:
Please direct RFP questions to: CPAA will answer questions and post them to our website. Additionally, CPAA is hosting a virtual town hall meeting on December 14, 2018, from 11:00-12:00 pm, to answer RFP related questions. Join the webinar by clicking the link and following the instructions: The call is number is 1-408-638-0968 and the Meeting ID is 449-697-322.
Please send your questions prior to the event to inform the discussion: You may also ask questions during the event.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: Is CPAA looking for specific organizations?

A: There are no restrictions based on the type of organization that can host a forum. There are instances where the fiscal and administrative sponsor are different, partnering organizations. It depends on the makeup and capacity of the organization submitting the RFP.

Q: Could youprovide an example of what would be a combination of a fiscal and administrative sponsor?

A: The fiscal sponsor could be an organization that has the capability to manage finances, such as a grant holder. The administrative organization is the entity taking lead to ensure work moves forward effectively in the coming year.

Q: How will the funding be dispersed? If I’m selected to host a local forum, when will I be paid?

A: Local forums have not been paid yet. This funding opportunity has been made possible through the Medicaid Transformation Project (MTP).  The premise of this effort is to have local forums in each of the counties in a bottom-up approach. Some organizations have acted as a local forum for the past several years, but there was not specific funding or collaboration available through CPAA.

Q: What are some examples of these existing forums?

 A: Wahkiakum Health & Human Services Advisory Board, Mason Matters, Mason Coalition, Thurston Thrives, and Asset Building Coalition are some examples for organizations that have served as a local forum host in their respective community.

 Q: Does a new group need to be formed to serve as a local forum, or can it be an existing group?

A: It can be either. If there is an existing group that works well in the community, it is okay to apply to be the local forum as long as the scope of work detailed in the RFP is included.

Q: Given the five regional health priorities, are you looking to have a minimum requirement for meetings and forum priorities? 

A: The only requirement is that regular meeting are to occur throughout the year. There are no specific suggestions about how to organize the forum regarding meetings and priorities, since this is part of the question posed in the RFP under activities.

Q: Do I have to make a formsite account to submit a response to the RFP?

A: CPAA strongly encourages organizations to establish an online account. You cannot save your answers and return later if you do not have an account. If there are any technical difficulties in making an account or logging in, please contact CPAA (, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Q: Can I include attachments in my RFP response?

A: If you would like to provide attachments to your application, there is a function that allows you to do so at the end. However, please do not answer a RFP question with “Please see attachment.” The attachments should be supplemental.  

Q: There is a request for entering an EIN number, but the program does not allow entry and instead asks for an e-mail. Has this technical issue been addressed?

A: Yes, this has been previously addressed and was fixed. However, we will go back and check if there are further difficulties.

Q: There is a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) requirement listed under potential deliverables, which is a concern due to insufficient funding and staff resources for certain counties. Is there anoption to hire an outside contractor in order to meet the one year deadline?

A: The CPAA Council has considered the deliverables based on the roles and responsibilities of organizations, with the goal of addressing the needs of the specific communities. There is not a specific template or way the plan needs to look, so long as partners identify what the priorities are in their community. CPAA has substantial data on all of the counties that can be shared out with local forums once they are selected. Additionally, there are no restrictions on hiring a contractor to assist with local forum work. There needs to be a lead organization with the eligibility criteria that is open to any coalition that directly affects the residents in the county they are serving.