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Dear Partners,

Cascade Pacific Action Alliance (CPAA) will release a Request for Proposals (RFP) on Wednesday, May 30, as the region moves toward implementation of the Medicaid Transformation Project (MTP). Independent assessors will score the responses to the RFP to determine up to 45 partnering providers. CPAA is making a four-year funding commitment to these partnering providers unless milestones and outcome goals are not achieved.

For the past year, CPAA has been preparing the region for implementation of the MTP. The MTP is a 5-year agreement between Washington State and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that will provide up to $85 million to CPAA for regional projects that improve the health of our communities through cross-sector collaboration. CPAA is requesting proposals across six project areas: bi-directional care integration, care coordination, transitional care, opioid response, maternal and child health, and chronic disease prevention and control. Investments made in these project areas must improve the health care delivery system overall and foster new ways of working together to improve health in our region, benefitting everyone in our communities. MTP implementation will be evidence-based, and funding will be milestones-driven, rewarding performance and patient and broader health outcomes.

CPAA’s RFP will be sent to partners that have worked with us and will be posted on our website: More detailed instructions and additional information will be included with the RFP. Additionally, CPAA is hosting a virtual town hall meeting on Friday, June 8, to answer any RFP related questions. The RFP will close Monday, July 16, and partner selection will be finalized by mid-August.

Winfried Danke
Chief Executive Officer
Cascade Pacific Action Alliance