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Dear CPAA Partner,

Healthier Washington’s Medicaid Transformation Project (MTP) is an unprecedented opportunity for our region to earn funds for investments in six interrelated project areas: health care integration, care coordination, care transitions, opioid response, reproductive and maternal/child health, and chronic disease prevention and control.

Recently, Cascade Pacific Action Alliance (CPAA), our region’s Accountable Community of Health, was awarded top marks for its Project Plan, receiving 100 percent of total possible points and earning $9.3 million in start-up funding for our partnering organizations.

CPAA is developing a strategic and coordinated approach to health improvement across all six project areas in collaboration with our partners, ensuring the most effective use of MTP resources. Investments made in the six project areas are intended to improve the care delivery system and transform the way health care is provided in the region, benefitting everyone in our communities, including Medicaid beneficiaries.

CPAA will be conducting an assessment of current capacity and available services in the region related to the six improvement areas to identify issues affecting access to care and MTP implementation. This assessment will be in the form of an online survey through Survey Monkey, emailed March 5, 2018, to stakeholders and partners. The survey will also be available online at

Your participation in the survey is vital to ensure a data-driven approach to health improvement investments in the region. CPAA will use survey responses to identify gaps and assets in existing services and inform decisions about selecting partnering providers and investment areas. Participation in the assessment may qualify your organization for a stipend to participate in implementation planning and receive planning related performance-based payments. Additionally, CPAA intends to use the survey results to structure a forthcoming Request for Proposals process, which will result in the selection of partnering providers and the opportunity to earn additional project funds.

CPAA’s assessment survey is best completed by a group of 2-3 staff members with in-depth knowledge of clinical practices, financing, and care delivery oversight. We strongly encourage you to complete the survey as a group or gather input from your team to inform your answers. A PDF version of the survey questions will be available for review at and will be emailed to your organization before the survey period opens. The survey will include skip-logic, so you are not required to answer all the questions, although we encourage complete responses. The survey will take you about 30 – 40 minutes to complete. CPAA will contact you to follow-up if additional information is required.

To the greatest extent possible, CPAA will report assessment findings in aggregate and will make every effort to preserve the confidentiality of you and your organization.

Please forward the assessment to organizations in the region that might be interested in participating in the MTP.

Please contact Christina Mitchell, CPAA Clinical Programs Director, if you have any questions or need assistance responding to the assessment: or 360-539-7576 ext. 131.

Health is more than health care: It is the total well-being of individuals, families, and communities. Therefore, we hope the survey will be completed not only by traditional health care providers, but also by social service agencies and other organizations providing community supports. Please be advised that CPAA has set aside MTP funds specifically to support non-traditional health care partners.

Thank you for supporting building safer, healthier communities in the region by taking the time to share your expertise through the forthcoming survey.

Winfried Danke
Chief Executive Officer
Cascade Pacific Action Alliance