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ACH News: Foundational Community Supports Approved

After an extended approval process, Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) has approved the launch of Foundational Community Supports (FCS), supportive housing and employment services, as part of the Medicaid Transformation.

FCS are designed to help the most vulnerable people enrolled in Washington’s Apple Health (Medicaid) program find and keep stable housing and employment. Services will begin in January, and by mid-year, they should be available in all regions.

Marc Provence, director of Medicaid Transformation for the Health Care Authority, explained that the extended approval process was due in part to the groundbreaking nature of the services, which link housing and employment to health: “Washington is among the first states in the nation to act upon the evidence that social conditions –homelessness, unemployment, hospitalization and incarceration – are tied inextricably to health. With these programs in place, we can provide important foundations for good health while we improve health care.”

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